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Vallejo is located in the North San Francisco Bay Area where the Napa River enters the Carquinez Straits. It covers over 53.58 square miles with 23.64 square miles of waterway. It has a diverse population of 119,593, with people of various nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and ages. The climate of Vallejo is mild, making its Urban Forest equally diverse. We have microclimates that allow us to have the frost tender Blue Jacaranda, and we also have Giant Sequoia trees over 100 feet tall. Vallejo's logo shows a setting sun, a sailboat and a tree, all of which are a familiar part of its urban environment. We are proud of our 200-year heritage, and today, Vallejo continues to be a friendly, active waterfront community that attracts innovative and hardworking people.

Vallejo's Urban Forest is a magnificent and valuable resource that affects our physical, emotional and economic wellbeing and has a direct impact on the quality of our life. Despite this fact, Vallejo's Urban Forest faces some challenges. The City of Vallejo as an agency, lacks the personnel to properly maintain it. Many of the street trees within its subdivisions are in a state of decline, thus depleting their resource to the community. We do not have a detailed inventory of our trees within the parks or on the streets. New people who have moved to town are unfamiliar with Vallejo's Municipal Code, which was designed to protect the Urban Forest. They simply ignore it and in some cases damage trees by "topping" them. Other people see the Urban Forest as a burden because they equate the leaves it produces with trash and believe the community would be neater without them. Vallejo has the community support and resources to educate its people about the value of its Urban Forest, but lacks the funding to carry out a comprehensive program.

The grant program An Urban Forest For Every City is an opportunity for Vallejo to overcome the challenges that we face and give our Urban Forest the care and attention to make it thrive. We realize that our actions with funds from this program will determine how well our Urban Forest will function in the years to come. With that in mind, we developed a proposal we call "The Value Project." We are pleased to present this proposal which describes its components.

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